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The whole gospel is summarized in mercy and compassion. If those who have done evil still lives today, God is still exercising his mercy and compassion to those sinners and are expected to come into his fold. We are turning into a nation of judge, liars and killers. We rejoiced when someone’s flaws are exhibited, we lied to justify our actions, and our resort and tolerated killings to end crimes yet we turned a blind eye to human rights violations committed by those in authority.

We failed to grow the virtues God has infused into us in our birth: i.e. faith, hope and love. We have lost faith in our brothers and sisters to do good, we failed to see a brighter future for them, and we failed to love as we are commanded by God because we have seen them as enemies of peace and order, (c.f. Matthew 5:44) and failed to realize that is not the virgin Mary, the apostles and disciples and prophets of old who have attained the heaven first but a criminal. We failed to be prudent as our authorities are doing; we are ill tempered and react too quickly, especially when offended rather contemplate the cause why people offend us, we are not fortified to live our ideals in a crisis of faith and seek our own idea of justice which could be perverted and inhumane. We attacked even our own pastors, accusing them as protector of certain politicians, and greed who protects their own interest forgetting they are the vicars of Christ, the Christ in persona Christi, and that we are first a christian before we are a Filipino, a child of God before a citizen of any country and we are commanded to listen to our pastors in faith. (c.f. Luke 10:16) We terribly failed as a Christian nation, and felt under confusion, whom to serve first and later hated the other, (c.f. Matthew 6:24) We justify public sins by comparing the other person also have sinned. The issue here is not the person who have sinned, but a sin being done in public.A sin done privately becomes a habit, but a sin done in public not only becomes a habit but also becomes a norm. The only norm that should be acceptable for us Christians, especially the laity is the gospel of Christ.

Again, we failed. We failed to be merciful and compassionate. We have failed God through loving our neighbor. We have failed to love our neighbor because we have loved much more ourselves. Let us not judge according to appearances as Christ told us. Let us not judge other people for sinning differently because we are all guilty before Christ, (c.f. James 2.10) and the wages of our sins still remains death. (Romans 6:23) We are all criminals before God, yet the reconciliation Jesus Christ made in cross weight most to him and thus we remained the prodigal sons of God.