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​I have learned that we always have to question even our own love for God: without questioning it lead us to danger of being complacent and not growing as a Christian.

As a reflection, a person who’s in love has his thought about the subject of his love first in the morning, last at night and even between these two; and the person who fell hardly in love is still thinking of love even in the most busy and difficult times of his life. This is an allegorical image. If we are in love with God, He will be our first thought, last and our thoughts in between. He will be still present in our hearts and mind and even in the most difficult times we are to face. If we aren’t like this, it still true that we are having a hard time to love which is invisible for us, and we are still loving according to flesh. Love needs commitment, effort and sacrifices. Let our “I love you Lord” be not a lips service, but an action that speaks louder than our words.