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“Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”
-Psalms 32:1

Saint Monica, whose throne in heaven is beside her son, Saint Augustine are being both part of the choir of the Saints of God. God granted you not to be separated from him until both of you become his Saints shining in Glory, and the privilege to become nearer into his throne, the throne of Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Pray for us, who are committing sins everyday, especially those who do not believe and seeking God, but rather seeking the knowledge of the world, the flesh and not of Heavenly matters. May your intercession grant us what we seek; the change of heart and becoming a blessed gift to God as his servants to the Church. Intercede us to the Father to draw us closer to him, and to the Holy Spirit, to bless us with the gift of fortitude and faith so that we may not be separated from him. May we, like how your prayers converts your Son, Saint Augustine and your husband in the hour of his death, also transforms others, and become an instrument to lead others to Christ our Lord. Amen.