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​If I love you my Lord with little love, please be patient with me, and accept my love. If I love you with so much love, my God, don’t lessen this love. If you don’t love me, my God as you love others, have mercy on me, and teach me to be repentant for I am a sinner before you, so I’ll experience the greatness of your love. Call me to holiness, and be patient with me as you grace me with patience to be patient with others and myself.

Let me glorify you, little by little everyday. Change me my God, change me through thy love. Humble me, your servant, as I grow in holiness. Make me realize, the gravity of each sins I commit, make me realize that I need you so I can be perfect, because I am nothing my Lord, and I cannot do anything without you my God. Perfect me, so as I breathe my last breath, I can fulfill my duty as your humble servant and see you, face to face in your eternal glory, forever and ever, Amen.